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The following list of companies is a sample of the types of organizations we’ve had the opportunity of working with:

Braskem S. A. - Brazil – Chemical Industry
Check Point Software Technologies – Israel - IT/Network and Internet Security
Coinbra S. A. – France (Louis Dreyfus Group) – Commodities and Grain Trading
Construtora Triunfo S. A. – Brazil – Heavy Civil Construction
Febrás Ltda. – Brazil - Electricity Equipment and Material Wholesale Distribution
FSB Foods / Fresh Start Bakeries – USA - Supplier for McDonald’s
Garware Polyester Pty. Ltd. - India – Window and Solar Film Manufacturing and Distribution
Hay Group Consultores Ltda. – USA – Hay Consulting Group (HR services)
Horizon Connexxions Ltda. – Canada – Telecom Networks Installation and Maintenance Services
IBMEC Educacional S. A. – Brazil – Business School (MBA and Graduate)
Linde Empilhadeiras - Germany – Forklifts Importation and Reselling
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados – Brazil – Law Firm
Metro Media Technologies – USA – Imaging Solutions
Pescal Congelados S. A. – Brazil – Frozen Fish Processing and Distribution
Redevco do Brasil Ltda. - Holland (C&A Group) – Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development
Sampoerna Tabacos América Latina - Indonesia – Importation and Distribution of Clove Cigarettes
Spectra Telecom Ltda. – Canada – Mobile Telephone Network Projects and Installation
Sybase Brazil - USA - IT / Corporate System Solutions
TIBA – Telepuerto International – Argentina – Image and Data Satellite Transmission Services
W. Washington Engenharia Ltda. – Brazil – Engineering and Public Transportation Concessions



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