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The main characteristics of our standard terms and conditions can be summarized as follows:

  • Closed Contracts with pre-established fees payable in installments due upon completion of three distinct steps or phases:

    Phase 1 – Signing of the Service Agreement;

    Phase 2 – Introduction of a minimum quantity of selected Candidates via written reports, which the Client agrees to interview;

    Phase 3 – The effective conclusion of the assignment, wherein the Candidate explicitly agrees to the hiring conditions set forth by the Employer and a firm start-date is set.

  • Fees based on a percentage of the Candidate’s estimated annual remuneration, including expected commissions and/or management bonuses.

  • Replacement Guaranty for all successfully completed assignments. A&M RH guarantees its services for a period which varies according to the level of the hired professional, from the date the candidate effectively takes up employment at the Client, provided eventual candidate termination does not occur due to demise, health reasons or corporate headcount reduction policies.

We adopt a flexible posture in our commercial dealings, taking into consideration, among other things, the complexity of the search and of the desired Candidate’s skills and experience; urgency of the hiring; economies of scale (more than one opening for a given position); and the direct involvement of the Client in specific phases, including in the referral of Candidates.



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