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We are very aware of the need to establish differentials in the services we render, to minimize the risk of a firm of our nature becoming “lost” among so many alternatives that exist in the marketplace.

Among them we highlight:

  • Flexibility in negotiating fees, terms and conditions.

  • Multidisciplinary experience in developing a profile in relation to the real needs of a specific position to be filled.

  • Experience in dealing with multicultural organizations and personnel, with a fine understanding of their expectations, ways of thinking and of conducting business.

  • Reliable and fully transparent communication with Employers and Candidates within strict ethical and confidentiality standards.

  • Highly professional and proactive attitude, albeit always friendly and human based on full consideration of others.


    A&M RH Araújo & Mazzetti - Rua José Maria Pinto Zilli, 160 – 9º andar - CEP 05749-300 – São Paulo, SP
    Tel. (x11) 5844-6046 - -