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Candidates eventually contacted, interviewed and selected do not pay any fees to A&M RH. Our services are remunerated exclusively by the companies that contract us to recruit and select personnel for their staff.

Notwithstanding the above, we recognize that we have a great responsibility to our Candidates. The most important is that they be aware of the procedure we follow so as to be prepared regarding timing and to accompany the progress of an assignment.

Our Recruitment Procedure

A search is initiated as soon as we enter a formal Service Agreement with a Client. After we divulge a position using all the means at our disposal and the responses begin to appear, we conduct an initial filter within our own CV data bank.

This database is made up primarily of resumes received spontaneously from Candidates seeking for a new position. The information contained in a CV is filed during a one-year period and can be accessed at any moment by our consultants.

For this reason we remind Candidates who maintain their resumes in our database to keep their information current. It is simply a matter of sending an e-mail to the addresses indicated in the “Contact” page.

Our Selection Procedure

Assures a high level of objectivity and depth which both Clients and Candidates benefit from. The Candidates that best fill a position’s requisites after completing a series of tests and other equivalent forms of objective evaluation will be forwarded to the interview phase.

The Interviews

The interview with one of our consultants is a critical step in the selection process. However, we endeavour to make it a pleasurable, educational and gratifying experience rather than a stressful event. Previous experience has shown that it is only when people feel comfortable that it’s possible to get to know them in any depth - and not only obtain confirmation of hard facts.

We also regard interviews as a two-way interaction: on the one hand, we must obtain all the pertinent information regarding your professional history, education, skills, experience and achievements, all the while forming an impression of your behavior and personal characteristics. On the other, you should feel at ease to discover all that is needed about the job opportunity, to assure that the position you’re vying for is within your expectations.

Be Prepared

A typical management or highly specialized technical assignment involves 300-plus initial candidates within the general profile. Only one will be successful. If you aren’t selected in the first opportunity, try to improve your skills and learn from the experience of having participated. On our part, we are committed to providing the necessary feedback to assist you in this learning process, including our impressions of you during the interview. After all, our next assignment could be your next job.



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