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Our methodology employs a mix of market recruitment techniques (using available printed and electronic media search and recruitment alternatives), consultation to our database and headhunting – wherein we attempt to identify professionals with near-ideal experience in activities and markets in which our Client operates, through our network of market-specific contacts.

In each and all of the assignments we conduct, Candidates are tested for proficiency in the required languages as well as in relation to essential specific skills identified in the Job Description developed with the Client.

Written reports are issued to the Client for all the Candidates that we select. These reports cover the Candidate’s work history, personal aspects, skill level and professional experience. We comment on and evaluate each one of these items, especially in relation to the job profile.

When the Client indicates a preference for one or a group of Candidates, we obtain professional and personal references on those selected and present our findings in detailed reports. During the initial adaptation period (usually between three and six months) we maintain contact with the Candidate and his/her immediate supervisor to verify the progress of the new employee and, where possible, assist in this process.

The average duration of an assignment we conduct is 30 days.




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