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We receive a large volume of resumes on a daily basis. So that we may expediently organize and update our database, please observe the following instructions:


  • We only accept resumes sent via e-mail. Printed CV’s sent in the mail are discarded.
  • When addressing the e-mail, place a title in the “subject” field, for example: IT Manager, Financial Analysis Assistant, etc. Do not write “opportunity” or similar, nor your name.


  • Send your Resume as a WORD (.doc) attachment to the e-mail.
  • Use your name when naming the file in Word.
  • Do not send your Resume printed onto the e-mail cover page or in HTML format. If you wish, use the body of the e-mail to introduce yourself and to add pertinent information not included in your CV, such as desired remuneration and availability.
  • Use simple fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman in your resume text; avoid using graphics, tables or darkened backgrounds - remember, the simpler and ‘cleaner’, the better.
  • You may insert a photograph if you wish.

    Essential Resume Content

    There are dozens of sites with instructions on how to best prepare a Personal Resume with various options for formatting. According to our experience, we recommend the following general format (including order of topics):

  • Contact Data: name, address, fixed and mobile telephone numbers, e-mail address.
  • Personal Data: birth date (better than stating age), citizenship, marital status, children.
  • Education: list only degrees for college undergraduate and beyond level. For each, indicate the name of the course and of the institution attended, and the month/year in which the course was initiated and concluded.
  • Professional Qualifications: Indicate that which you know how or were trained to do. Avoid any subjective affirmations regarding your personality or work habits – who should talk about you are your references, not yourself! Important – in this section you should list your foreign language skills.
  • Professional (or, Job) History: List the organizations where (or the activities with which) you worked, indicating month/year started and ended. A brief description of the market(s), the activities and size of each employer helps (but not more than two lines for each). For each company, list the positions you occupied in inverse chronological order (the last job you held first). Include a summary of your main achievements for each position or company.
  • Other Courses and Activities: In this section list any other courses or activities you’ve engaged in – including philantropic and communitarian - which had direct bearing on your professional development. For any short course listed, indicate if possible the name of the organization that administered it and the year you took it. Avoid describing your hobbies and pastimes.



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